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Your Provence tour leader with private driver let us be guided through the most beautiful landscapes in Provence. From Avignon, Aix-Provence, Sault, Digne

Discover the Provencal Drôme the birthplace of the cultivation of lavenver fields.Let’s start with little history .Coming from the west of the Mediterranean basin lavander was already used by the Romains to preserve their clothes and fragrant the baths. In Provence lavender was used in the Middle Ages for fragrance composition and médical remedy but it was from the beginning of the 19th century that it’s culture an bigger boom and developed. This kind of botanical plan was first descripted in the year (1753) by the Swedish naturalist Carl Von Linné.The boom in French production essential oil of lavender and bind to the perfumery plant in the area of the City Grasse. The saison of the lavender harvest begins from mid-June until August.Come and discover these wonderful landscapes to cut the breath of the lavender loss of sight .

Your chauffeur will make you discover the secret place of the creating perfumes.

So ride aboard one of our private chauffered cars or minivans and let you drive for unforgettable day of perfume and provençal scents.

So your family tour or with friends the lavender route with a private chauffeur at the departure of your hôtel or other place of résidence : Aix-en Provence | Avignon | Marseille | or Grasse.

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